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Beta Information [Start May 29 21:00 GMT-5]

We hope that everyone will be welcome to our website, first of all to tell you that we are excited about this project and we hope that you too,

without more than saying I will start by giving the information and prizes for participating in our OPEN BETA


»Version: Season 15
» Episode: 3
»Experience Normal: 25x
» Master Experience: 10x
» Majistic Experience:5x
»Drop: 15%
»Servier Low Rates
»Server Dedicated
»Location is USA
»Server from Peru
»Max Level: 1200
»Points per level: 5/7
»Guild Creation: 150
»Auto-reconnect: Enabled
»Shop: Items + 3 + luck 
»Premium IGCN Files


These awards will be given to people who meet the following requirements and are a contribution to the development of this OPEN BETA, which seeks

be able to find minimal bugs and fix them before the official start of the server.

Requirements for Obtaining BETA Awards:

This reward can only be claimed if the Benefactor claims it via Discord.


The darkness has taken over the Mu Continent and desperately needs your help. Join us and let the battle to defend the Mu Continent begin!

Published by Administrator, May 26, 2020